Team Training Complete

Team Training Complete

A 1 – 3 team training course (indoors and/or outdoors).

Before the training

Participants take part in Saliedē's online survey, which looks at differnet aspects of effective teamwork. Based on the survey's results the training priorities are updated.

The training

We have created a vast repository of team training tasks, inspired by military and civilian training programmes from all over the world. Training's level of difficulty and intensity is determined by the set gooals the client's interests.

Each Team Training Complete event includes an analysis phase in which the gained experiences are related to the organisation's real life situation.

After the training

Participants receive a documentation of processes and results, links to photo/video galleries, hand-outs, as well as trainers' recommendations.

2 – 3 months after the training we offer a follow-up meeting with the client, in which the results and impact of the training are analysed and the next steps for strengthening the change process are discussed.