How to create stronger relationships with your son?


Image: Practical seminar for parents


London Latvian House
72 Queensborough Terrace, London, W2 3SH


Arrival: 17.00 - 17.10
Seminar: 17.10 - 21.00


Free of charge

Seminar topics

Practical seminar for parents

  • How to build trust and communication with your son?
  • How the father becomes an authority to the son?
  • How to create strong relationships with your son?
  • How the son becomes a responsible and successful man?
  • What does “initiation” mean, and why it is so critically important for every son?
  • Fathers & Sons programme experience from Latvia.
  • Q&A session.

About the seminar leader

My name is Oskars Spickopfs. I am from Latvia, a country in the Northern Europe. I have seen both the occupation years of the Soviet Union, and also the year 1991 when our country regained its independence. It has been a unique and complicated experience that helps me realise and appreciate the importance of freedom - freedom to think, express your opinion and do what you like.

I have studied business management, served in the Latvian Armed Forces, and worked in different business teams. I am married to a wonderful woman - my wife Lelde. I am the leader of the “Survival School”, and I work as a personal growth coach, organizing hikes, camps and training seminars both for youth and adults.

Seven years ago I started organising camps for boys with the goal to support and teach them on their way to becoming responsible, determined and trustworth men and husbands. Three years ago my friend and I started the Fathers & Sons programme, which incorporates not only educational seminars, but also hikes and camps that have been attended by over 800 fathers with their sons.

What it means to be a real man, a man’s mission of life, strengthening relationships between fathers and sons, shaping boys’ character -- these are important topics in many countries in the 21st century. I have given several interviews on the National Television of Latvia, the National Radio and popular Latvian newspapers.

Many of my British friends have expressed their interest in the Fathers & Sons programme, therefore we decided to organise this seminar - to share our experience, to educate and train parents and to search for answers to important questions. Looking forward to meeting you in the seminar!

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Oskars Špickopfs

Oskars Špickopfs
Fathers & Sons Programme Director, and Co-Founder of Survival School of Latvia
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Survival School Latvia