Outdoor Survival


In this survival course you will learn to live in harmony with nature and respect your environment. This course is a unique opportunity to try new skills and to challenge your comfort zone. At the same time, there will be memorable moments of joy and inspiration.

This course can be implemented on an uninhabited island on the river Gauja close to Rāmkalni, in the woods of Purvaini close to Cēsis, or any other place, where you want to go to with our support.

From our side this is a dream come true - to do what we love and to share this joy with others.

We are professional trainers, mostly with a longstanding experience in the Latvian army and carrying out different types of adventures and sportive challenges.

This course can be adapted to any type of group, no matter what age or level of physical fitness.


Mareks Dombrovskis

Mareks Dombrovskis
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