Basic Winter Survival Course


The Survival School teaches people to live in harmony with nature by enjoying the moment and the opportunity to spend time with themselves, by respecting the environment, and by challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones, and all while learning important new skills. It gives participants new knowledge and experiences through a combination of serious challenges and fun.

The course provides a broad insight into and a good foundation of winter survival skills.

Professional instructors – former members of the Latvian military and fellow lovers of new experiences – have prepared a one-of-a-kind programme that incorporates skills used in the army and a variety of survival training methodologies.

Participants learn to build a shelter, make a fire, move around in winter conditions, cross bodies of water, and acquire orientation skills using resources available in nature. The course also introduces participants to survival psychology.

The course is open and adapted to everyone, regardless of age or gender. No prior knowledge about winter survival skills is necessary.


Mareks Dombrovskis

Mareks Dombrovskis
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