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Our Roots

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For many years we have helped people and organisations discover and apply their potential by passing on the knowledge we have gained through the Latvian National Armed Forces School, by educating children and adults, and by providing consulting services to organisations in Latvia and Europe.

The Saliedēt.lv partners have been friends and colleagues for over fifteen years, together creating offers for and organising educational projects, outdoor activities and team training events. During this time we have come to understand our strengths and have become a strong team capable of accomplishing very much.

Over the last years we have added other professionals to our team who share our desire to help people develop their potential to their fullest. This allows us to offer a wider range of services and thus expand our target audience. We develop and organise everything from sports games to team building events, from educational activities for youths to organisation coaching, from team training events in the forest to e-learning. We are able to organise events in rural Latvia, in Riga, or practically anyplace throughout Europe.

Our foremost care is for the client, the employee, and the environment. As we evaluate each person's and team's possibilities, we encourage their co-responsibility in all aspects of our activities, because we believe that this is the key to effective and sustainable change.

To successful cooperation!

"You can't create experience; you undergo it." (Albert Camus)

Our Team

  • Mareks Dombrovskis Mareks Dombrovskis
    Mareks Dombrovskis

    Mareks Dombrovskis

    CEO of Saliedēt.lv. Trainer, specialised in the leading of team training events with varying degrees of difficulty.

    Mareks is a couch with an internationally recognised diploma. Trained in the “Business Class Programme” organised by the “Komercizglītības centrs”. He was a officer at the Latvian Armed Forces' Non-commissioned Officers' School. He took part in the peace keeping mission in Kosovo. He gained valuable experience in winter survival courses in Sweden, where participants' had to live for several days in harsh winterly conditions. Mareks has a bachelor's degree in human management from University of Defence in the Czech Republic.

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  • Aigars Kalējs Aigars Kalējs
    Aigars Kalējs

    Aigars Kalējs

    Board member and trainer. Manages Saliedēt.lv's sports, outdoor and other team building activities.

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  • Jeļena Dombrovska Jeļena Dombrovska
    Jeļena Dombrovska

    Jeļena Dombrovska

    Board member, administrator and marketing expert, manages Saliedēt.lv's "Team Building Art" and "Medieval run" programmes.

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  • Oskars Špickopfs Oskars Špickopfs
    Oskars Špickopfs

    Oskars Špickopfs

    Trainer with leadership experience, an outdoor and sports enthusiast. Manages Saliedēt.lv's "Father & Son" programmes.

    Oskars graduated from the BA School of Business and Finance in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He has also finished the Latvian National Armed Forces Non-Commissioned Officer School as an Infantry Team Commander. This is when he first gained leadership experience and discovered what it means to be a leader in a team setting.

    After university, Oskars accepted the challenge to become a regional department leader for JSC “Latvijas Pasts” in Ventspils, a position that included leading and managing 21 post offices and more then 120 employees. Over the next few years, Oskars worked together with various leaders in the city of Liepāja and gained experience as a board and council member at JSC “Liepājas autobusu parks”.

    To support the creation of a new generation of leaders, Oskars is involved as a coach in the Baltic Pastoral Institute's leadership development program BPI DRAFT, in which young men are trained as leaders.

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  • Ieva Karlsberga Ieva Karlsberga
    Ieva Karlsberga

    Ieva Karlsberga

    Trainer and communication consultant. Manages Saliedēt.lv social media channels.

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